Same Sex Divorce / Committed Relationship

The end of a relationship, whether a divorce or civil partnership is one of the most challenging life events for most people.


The break-up of a marriage or committed relationship, regardless of whether it was long or short, is usually tough for most people. Gay Immigration will advise and help guide you through the process. The courts have an expectation that both parties will resolve any disputes prior to applying to the court. Our lawyers will sensitively help you focus on the practicalities, particularly with regard to the financial aspects of the break-up which, in some cases, can have a considerable impact on your future.

Gay Immigration has extensive experience in this field and we fully understand how difficult it can be to make, sometimes very difficult decisions, the consequences of which you will have to live with for the foreseeable future. Our lawyers can assist you by drafting a fair and practical division of assets which is in your best interests and likely to be acceptable to the court and limiting, as far as possible, the opportunity to be involved in a long drawn out costly courtroom battle.

In the event that you or your partners have assets overseas, our lawyers have extensive cross-border expertise and our multi-jurisdictional, multi-lingual lawyers can deal with the complexities of the legal aspects involved in the division of real estate and any other assets that are based abroad.
Gay Immigration, the LGBT division of Giambrone, will be by your side and work with you to deal with the uncertainties and problems which may lie ahead ensure that you will achieve the best possible outcome.

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