Children Law

In the LGBT community family disputes are becoming increasingly complex. The legal arrangements in respect of children, in the many areas of the law relating to their well being, requires sensitive handling.

This is particularly important when a relationship breaks down and decisions about where the children should live and who should have care of them arises. Gay Lawyers has wide experience in dealing with complicated family disputes, particularly related to cross-border divorce.

Decisions relating to the children in a dispute can be one of the most difficult aspects of a break-up and can quickly lead to an acrimonious situation. In contentious matters our lawyers will provide a steadying strategy aimed at the children’s best interests and advise on the best options for our clients. We will advise and assist our clients to resolve contested issues and aim to avoid court action unless there is no possible alternative.

Gay Lawyers can also assist our clients where time has elapsed with regard to their contact with their children.

Gay Lawyers can assist with:

  1. Maintenance orders
  2. Child arrangement orders
  3. Cross-border child abduction
  4. Special Child Guardianship
  5. Parental Responsibility orders
  6. Adoption
  7. Local Authority Child Care orders
  8. Child Custody
  9. Surrogacy disputes
  10. Specific issue orders
  11. Prohibited Step Orders

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